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10CC How dare you! GER 1976 Mercury 6310501 original, gf, ins 30   nm/nm
Alquin Marks UK 1972 Polydor 2480 152 SUPER original 100   nm/nm
Ambrose Slade Ballzy USA 1969 Fontana SRF 67598 promo copy, white label, sticker on front cover 500   nm/nm
Andwella People's People USA 1971 ABC Dunhill DS-50105 original 150   nm/nm
Armageddon same UK 1975 A&M AMLH.64513 original, ins 150   nm/nm
Art Supernatural Fairy Tales GER 1974 Island ET 88395 original, laminated cover 150   ex/ex
Atomic Rooster Death walks behind you JP 1970 Stateside SP-80186 original, gf, ins 150   nm/ex
Atomic Rooster Nice'n'Greasy JP 1973 Dawn UPS-568-Y original, dawn rock joy series vol.7, ins 200   nm/nm
Atomic Rooster
In Hearing Of
PEG 1 1U 1U
original, gf
Atomic Rooster Made in England JP 1972 Pye UPS-532-Y (DAWN ROCK JOY SERIES VOL.1) original, demin cover, 3 page ins 200   nm/nm
B.B. Blunder Workers' Playtime USA 1971 Polydor 24-4060 (POLP 80172) original, gf 130   nm/ex
Babe Ruth same UK 1975 Harvest, progressive SHSP 4038 original, ins 60   nm/nm
Babe Ruth First Base JP 1972 Odeon EOP-80756 promo copy, white label, ins 180   nm/nm
Bad Company same UK 1974 Island ILPS 9279 original, gf 50   nm/nm
Baker Gurvitz Army The same UK 1975 Vertigo 9103 201 original, ins, laminated cover 100   nm/nm
Baltik same SWE 1973 CBS S 65581 original, gf, textured cover, ins 140   nm/nm
Banks Peter same UK 1973 Sovereign SVNA 7256 original, gf, textured cover 150   nm/ex
Banks Peter same UK 1973 Sovereign Records SVNA 7256 originak, gf, textured cover 150   nm/ex
Barclay James Harvest B.J.H. and other short stories UK 1971 Harvest SHVL 794 gf, textured cover 40   nm/ex
Barclay James Harvest Once again UK 1971 Harvest SHVL 788, COVER SQ(QUADRAPHONIC SYSTEM) gf, laminated cover 40   nm/nm
Batti Mamzelle
I see the Light
Cube, progressive
Beatles The With the Beatles JP 1963 Apple AP 8678 press 1969, obi, gf, book, jp cover, black ins 120   nm/nm
Beatles The Let it be New Zealand 1970 Parlophone(one box) PCSM 3U, 3U original, in shrink, darc red apple in back cover 200   nm/nm
Beatles The With the Beatles UK 1963 Parlophone PCS 3045 flippback, one box EMI 60   nm/ex
Beatles The Rubber Soul UK 1965 Parlophone PMC 1267 original, Y/B label 90   ex/ex
Beatles The Help UK 1965 Parlophone PCS 3071 (stereo) original 120   ex/ex
Beatles The Meet the Beatles JP 1964 Odeon OP 7041 original, red vinyl, ins 150   nm/nm
Beatles The Meet the Beatles JP 1964 Odeon OR 8026 1967 press, 2 ins, red vinyl 150   nm/nm
Beatles The Revolver JP 1966 Odeon OP 8443 original, 2 ins, red vinyl 150   nm/nm
Beatles The
White Album
Apple, rock
PCS 7067 YEX 709-1 710-1 711-1 712-1
4 photos, poster, black ins, dark green apple, 171397, 2 press, gf, 2LP
Beatles The One UK 2000 Apple 529 3251 originak, 2 LP, sealed 150   sealed
Beatles The Help UK 1965 Parlophone (yellow/black) PMC 1255 A-XEX 549-2 B-XEX 550-2 original, sold in UK on label, flippback 100   ex/ex
Beatles The Please Please me UK 1963 Parlophone (y/b) PMC 1202 4th press 130   ex/vg
Beatles The Andnow: The Beatles GER 1966 Odeon (SR international) 73735 1Z PAZ 2999-SM-1.2300 SM-1 original, Pokora catalog 120   ex/ex
Beatles, The
EMI Odeon, hor zu
SHZE 186 AX2 186 B2
blue Odeon, 1969 mistpress
Bell+Arc same JP 1972 Philips RJ-5020 original, ins 100   nm/nm
Black Cat Bones Come Aboard! QE2 UK 1969 Scepter SALR 1216 original, laminated front cover, flippback 150   nm/nm
Black Cat Bones Barber Wire Sandwich JP 1969 London SL 282 press of 1975, 2 ins 280   nm/nm
Black Sabbath same JP 1970 Philips SFX 7203 original, gf, rare ins 250   nm/nm
Black Sabbath Vol 4 JP 1972 Vertigo (swirl) RJ 5049 original, ins, gf, 4 page ins 160   nm/ex
Black Sabbath The best of Black Sabbath JP 1973 Vertigo (swirl) BEST-10 original, obi, ins, Pokora catalog 250   nm/nm
Black Sabbath same GER 1970 Vertigo (swirl) VO 6 847 903 VTY original, gf, laminated cover 170   nm/nm
Black Sabbath Paranoid JP 1970 Philips SFX-7266 original, gf, ins 210   nm/nm
Black Sabbath Paranoid UK 1970 Vertigo (spaceship) 6360 011 gf, matt cover, sticker on front cover 160   ex/ex
Black Sabbath Master of Reality JP 1971 Vertigo (swirl) SFX-7400 promo copy 300   nm/nm
Black Sabbath Sabbath bloody Sabbath JP 1973 Vertigo RJ-7031 press 1975, ins 70   nm/nm
Black Widow Sacrifice JP 1970 CBS SONP 50285 original, gf, 2 page ins (poster) 150   nm/ex
Blind Faith same JP 1969 Polydor MP-1456 gf, obi 120   nm/nm
BloodSweat & Tears 3 UK 1970 CBS 64024 original, gf, sticker 50   nm/nm
Blue Cheer Oh! Pleasant Hope JP 1971 Philips SFX-7384 promo copy, white label, ins 150   nm/nm
Budgie Bandolier JP 1975 MCA MCA 6083 original, obi, ins 150   nm/nm
Budgie Never Turn your back on a Friend JP 1975 MCA MCA 6069 7-LNMG 178, 179 original, archive copy 150   nm/nm
Budgie In for the Kill JP 1974 MCA MCA-6046 original 150   nm/nm
Budgie Never turn your back on a Friend UK 1974 MCA MCG 3513 (OC 064 94981) gf 60   nm/ex
Byron David Take no Prisoners JP 1975 Bronze P-10141B original, 2 page ins 100   nm/nm
Camel Rain Dances USA 1977 Janus JXS-2 original, 50   sealed
Camel Mirage UK 1974 Deram SML 1107 original, ins 150   nm/nm
Capability Brown Voice UK 1973 Charisma CAS 1068 original, gf 150   nm/nm
Caravan If I could do it over again, I'd do it all over you JP 1970 London K16P-9058 ins 100   nm/nm
Caravan For girls who grow plump in the night USA 1973 London XPS 637 original, hole, gf 60   nm/ex
Carmen Fandangos in Space JP 1973 Odeon EOP 81030 original, obi, gf, textured cover, 15 page book 150   nm/nm
Chiken Shack Accept USA 1970 Blue Horizon BH 4809 original, gf 60   nm/ex
Climax Blues Band The Plays on UK 1969 Parlophone PCS 7084 original, 1 box EMI 160   nm/ex
Valentyne Suite
Vertigo (swirl), art rock
886775 1U 886775 2U VO1
original, gf
Comus First Utterance JP 1971 Dawn YS-2543-YD test press, gf, 1/2 obi 950   nm/nm
Wheels of Fire
Polydor, rock
583031 A2 B1 A1 B1
original, gf, 2LP
Cream Goodbye UK 1969 Polydor 583 053 original, gf 50   nm/ex
Cream Disraeli Gears UK 1967 Reaction 594003 laminated front cover 100   nm/ex
Creedence Clearwater Revival same GER 1969 Bellaphon BLPS 19001 original 90   nm/nm
Deep Purple Who do we think we are JP 1973 Warner P-8312W original, obi, ins, only japan version sticker 110   nm/nm
Deep Purple Burn UK 1974 Purple Records TPS 3505 (OC 062 94837) 2d press 50   nm/ex
Deep Purple same UK 1969 Harvest SHVL 759 A1 B1 gf, laminated cover 110   nm/nm
Deep Purple same UK 1969 Harvest SHVL 759 (1E 062 90505) gf, laminated cover, 2nd press 110   nm/nm
Deep Purple In rock JP 1970 Warner Bros. P-8020W original, 2 obi, gf 150   nm/nm
Deep Purple Shades of Deep Purple UK 1968 Parlophone PCS 7055 original, one box EMI, laminated front cover, flippback 300   nm/ex
Deep Purple Machine Head JP 1972 Warner Bros P-8224W 1 1-A-7, 2 2-C-2 original, gf, 2 obi!!!, 2 ins 140   m/m
Deep purple Fireball JP 1971 WARNER BROS.PIONER P-8092W promo copy, gf, obi, ins 180   nm/nm
Derek and The Dominos Layla and other assorted love songs UK 1970 Polydor 2335-010 original, 2 LP, gf 90   nm/nm
Doors The Golden Album JP 1969 Electra SWG-7124 original, very rare, only JP press, gf, 6 page book, obi, Pokora catalog 300 PHOTO nm/nm
Doors The L.A.Woman JP 1971 Elektra SWG-7513 original, ins 130   nm/nm
Earth and Fire same JP 1971 Polydor MP 2162 original, ins, match box, obi 130   nm/nm
East of Eden
Deram, progressive
SL 285 ZAL 9435 SDLBT 3890-3 3891-1
1976 press, obi, ins
Edgar Brought Band Sing Brother Sing JP 1970 Odeon OP-80059 original, gf, 2 ins 150   nm/nm
Edgar Broughton Band Oora JP 1973 Odeon EOP-80884 original, gf, poster, ins 130   nm/ex
Edgar Broughton Band same JP 1971 Odeon OP-80357 original, gf, textured cover, promo copy, white label 200   nm/ex
Egg same UK 1970 Deram Nova SDN 14 black print 150   nm/ex
Electric Light Orchestra
A new world record
Liberty, rock
LLS 80738 UA-LA 679 1S
original, promo copy white label, 2ins
Elf Carolina County Ball UK 1974 Purple TPS 3506 original, laminated cover 150   nm/nm
Ellis Why Not? UK 1973 Epic EPC 65650 original 100   nm/nm
Embryo We keep on USA 1974 BASF BC 21865 original 100   nm/nm
Emerson, Lake&Palmer same FRA 1970 Island 6339 026 original, laminated cover 80   nm/nm
Emerson, Lake&Palmer Trilogy UK 1972 Island ILPS 9186 original, gf 130   nm/ex
England Garden Shed UK 1977 Arista ARTY 153 original, laminated cover 190   nm/nm
Family Music in a Doll's House UK 1968 Reprise RSLP 6312 original, laminated front cover, flippback, ins 180   nm/ex
Fields same UK 1971 CBS S 69009 original, gf, poster 250   nm/nm
Fields same JP 1971 Epic ECPL-9 original, gf, 2 page ins 170   nm/nm
Fifty Foot Hose Cauldron UK 1969 Mercury SLML.4030 original, laminated cover 200   nm/nm
Flaming Youth Ark 2 UK 1969 Fontana STL 5533 original, unlamented multifold plastic sleeve 150   nm/ex
Flash In the Can UK 1972 Sovereign SVNA 7255 original, gf 115   nm/ex
Flash same UK 1972 Sovereign SVNA 7251 original, gf, laminated cover 150   nm/ex
Flash Out of our Hands JP 1973 Odeon EOP- 80954 original, gf, 12 page ins, promo copy, white label 130   nm/ex
Flied Egg Goodbye JP 1973 Vertigo (swirl), progressive FX 8606 original, gf, autograph of Shigeru Narumo, Pokora catalog 600   nm/ex
Flower Traveling Band Anywhere JP 1970 Philips S-5501 press of 1977, obi, ins 350   nm/nm
Flower Travellin' Band Made in Japan JP 1972 Atlantic, progressive P 8187 A box, obi, 2 ins, Pokora catalog 500   nm/nm
Flower Travellin' Band Satori JP 1971 Atlantic, progressive P 8056 A obi, ins, gf, Pokora catalog 450   nm/nm
Food Brain Social Gathering JP 1970 Polydor, progressive MP 2100 original, rare ins, gf, Pokora catalog 1200   nm/nm
Foreigner same USA 2010 Mobile Fidelity MFSL 1-338, N001439 ins 50   nm/nm
Free Tons of Sobs JP 1968 Island ILS-80247 gf, ins, promo copy, white label 100   nm/nm
Freedom At last FRA 1969 BYG 529.325 ACTUEL VOL.25 original, gf, laminated cover 170   nm/nm
Freedom same JP 1970 ABC SR-485 original, ins 200   nm/nm
Frijid Pink same USA 1970 Parrot PAS 71033 original 50   ex/ex
Fruup Modern masquerades JP 1975 Dawn

UXP-735-YD 23-129F1/23-130F1

original, obi, ins 200   nm/nm
Fruupp Seven Secrets UK 1974 Dawn DNLS 3058 original, poster 180   nm/ex
Fruupp Future Legends JP 1973 Dawn UPS-624-YD original, obi, ins 220   ex/ex
Fruupp The prince of Heaven's Eyes UK 1974 Dawn DNLH 2 original, gf, book 180   ex/ex
Fruupp The Prince of heaven's eyes UK 1974 Dawn DNLH 2 original, book, gf 230   nm/nm
Fruupp Modern Masquerades UK 1975 Dawn DNLS 3070 original, lyric ins 150   nm/ex
Fuse same USA 1970 Epic BN 26502 original 170   nm/nm
Genesis Foxtrot GER 1972 Charisma 6369 922 original, gf, sticker on the front cover 50   nm/nm
Gentle Giant Acquiring the Taste UK 1972 Vertigo (UFO) 6360 041 gf, 1974 press 150   nm/nm
Gentle Giant In a glass House UK 1973 WWA 002 super deluxe original, silk-screen cover, photo&lyric ins 150   nm/ex
Geordie Don't be fooled by the Name JP 1974 Odeon EOP-81013 original, gf, obi 100   ex/nm
Gracious same JP 1970 Vertigo (swirl) SFX-7362 original, gf, ins 120   ex/vg
Graham Bond
We put our Magick on you
Mercury, progressive
SRM 1-612 A B
original, promo copy, not for sale, white label, gf, 2 sticker
Gravy Train same USA 1970 Polydor 24-4056 (POLP 80163) original 150   nm/nm
Greatest Show on Earth The same UK 1970 Harvest SHSM 2004 press of 1975 160   nm/nm
Greatest Show on Earth The The Going's easy UK 1970 Harvest SHVL 783 (1E 062 04570) original, gf, textured cover 180   ex/ex
Green Peter The end of the Game JP 1971 Warner Pioner P-8013 R promo copy, ins 150   nm/nm
Grobschnitt same JP 1971 Brain Metronome UXP-732-EB original, obi, ins 100   nm/nm
Thank Christ for the Bomb
Sunset, rock
SLS 50376 A1G B1G (LBS 83295)
Gryphon same JP 1973 Transatlantic IRS-80364 original, 2 page ins 100   nm/nm
Gun same CAN 1968 Epic (yellow) BN 26468 original, in shrink 50   nm/nm
Hackensack Up the Hardway UK 1974 Polydor 2383 263 original, laminated cover, ins 250   nm/nm
Hard Stuff Bolex Demenita JP 1973 Odeon EOP-80818 original, gf, textured cover, 2 page ins 180   nm/ex
Hard Stuff Bulletproof UK 1972 Purple TPSA 7505 original, gf, laminated cover 175   nm/ex
Harrison George The concert for Bangladesh JP 1971 Apple STCX 3385 3 LP box, 3 original ins, book, book jp 80   nm,nm,nm/ex
Sunset, rock
SLS 50374 A3U B5U (LBS 83348 A3U)
Hensley Ken Eager to please JP 1975 Bronze P-8581B original, textured cover, obi, ins 150   nm/nm
Hensley Ken Proud Words on a dusty Shelf JP 1973 Bronze YZ-11-BZ original, gf, 2 page ins 50   ex/ex
CBS, progressive
S 64752 A2 B2
original, orange label
SW 676 F5 F5
Iguana same USA 1972 Lion LN-1011MGS 2972 original 200   nm/ex
Iron Butterfly with PINERA & RHINO Metamorphosis JP 1970 Atlantic P-8109A original, gf, ins, promo copy, blue label 160   nm/nm
Island Pictures JP 1977 Round 01001 original, gf, obi 200   nm/nm
Jade Warrior Last Autumn's Dream USA 1972 Vertigo VEL-1012 original, gf 50   ex/ex
Jaguars The Second album JP 1969 Philips FS 8045 original, gf, obi, Pokora catalog 250   ex/nm
Jane III GER 1974 Brain (green) 1046 original, gf, laminated cover 150   nm/ex
Jeff St. John's Copperwine Joint Effort AU 1970 Spin SEL-933742 original, laminated front cover, Pokora catalog 160   nm/ex
Jesus Christ Superstar same UK 1970 MCA MKPS 2011/2 (MAPS 2075/6) 2 LP, black label, book 60   nm,nm/ex
Jethro Tull
Living in the past
Chrysalis, art rock
6499520/21 1Y 2Y 1Y 2Y
original, 2LP, book, gf, textured cover
Jethro Tull
Thick as a Brick
Reprise, art rock
MS 2072 31378-1 31379-1
original, like a paper sleeve
John and Yoko/Plastic Ono Band
Some Time in New York City
Odeon EMI (Apple record)
G 14805137 A B 14805138 A B
2LP, 2ins
nm/nm, nm/nm
John Elton
Captain Fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy
DJM records
DJLPX 1, A-1 arun, B-1 arun
original, gf, 2 book, poster
Jonesy Growing UK 1973 Dawn DNLS 3055 original, gf, ins, sticker on the front cover 200   nm/nm
Jonesy No Alternative UK 1972 Dawn DNLS.3042 original, gf 250   nm/nm
Joy Unlimited Schmetterlinge JP 1971 BASF UPS-572-B original, obi, ins 250   nm/nm
Joy Unlimited Reflections JP 1973 BASF UPS-567-B promo copy, ins 200   nm/nm
Joy Unlimited Reflection JP 1973 BASF UPS-567-B original 150   nm/ex
Judas Jump Scorch USA 1970 Pride PRD 0003 MGS 2883 original, 35   nm/ex
Judd same UK 1970 Penny Farthing PELS.504 original, ins 200   nm/ex
Juicy Lucy Get a whiff a this UK 1971 Bronze ILPS 9157 original, textured cover 180   nm/nm
Juicy Lucy Lie Back and Enjoy it UK 1970 Vertigo (SWIRL) 6360 014 original, gatefold poster sleeve 430   nm/nm
Juicy Lucy same JP 1969 Philips SFX-7202 original, gf, 2 page ins 400   nm/nm
Juicy Lucy Get a Whiff of this JP 1971 Bronze YS-2650-BZ original, textured cover, ins 150   nm/nm
Khan Space Shanty JP 1972 Deram SL-288 obi, gf, ins 180   nm/nm
King Biscuit Boy Gooduns USA 1972 Paramount PAS-6023 original 120   nm/nm
King Crimson In the wake of Poseidon UK 1970 Island ILPS 9127 2-d press, textured cover, gf 100   nm/nm
King Crimson In the wake of Poseidon UK 1970 Island (pink I) ILPS-9127 original, gf, textured cover 220   nm/ex
Kingdom come Journey UK 1973 Polydor 2310-254 original, laminated cover 50   nm/nm
Kiss Destroyer UK 1976 Casablanca CBC 4008 original, rare ins 70   nm/ex
BT 8103 630523 1A 1B
promo copy, white label
Led Zappelin
MT 1091 A B
original, gf, ins, obi
Led Zeppelin III JP 1970 Atlantic MT 2043 A B original, gf, ins, obi 150   nm/nm
Led Zeppelin I JP 1969 Atlantic MT-1067 original 150   nm/nm
Led Zeppelin IV UK 1971 Atlantic DELUXE 2401012 A3,B4, PECKO DUCK, PORKY, mispressed on side 2 original, gf, ins 200   nm/nm
Led Zeppelin same UK 1969 Atlantic 588 171 original, warner credit, laminated cover 150   ex/ex
Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy UK 1973 Atlantic K 50014 original, no "w" logo, gf, ins 40   ex/ex
Lighthouse "Thoughts" of movin on JP 1972 Philips RJ-5008 original, gf, ins, promo copy, white label 150   nm/nm
Lighthouse One fine Morning JP 1971 Philips SFX-7392 original, ins 110   nm/nm
Love Sculpture Blues Helping UK 1968 Parlophone, yellow/black PCS 7059 original, laminated cover, flippback 230   nm/nm
Love Sculpture Forms and Feelings UK 1969 Parlophone PCS 7090 (1E 062 90637) laminated cover, 1 box EMI 170   nm/nm
Mainhorse same JP 1971 Polydor MP 2524 promo copy, white label, ins 130   nm/nm
Man Revelation UK 1969 Pye NSPL 18275 original, flippback 150   nm/nm
Manfred Mann Chapter Three same UK 1969 Vertigo (swirl) VO 3 847 902 VTY 1Y//3, 2Y/3 original 200   nm/ex
Manfred Mann's Earth Band Messin' UK 1973 Vertigo 6360 087 original, die cut gf sleeve, spaceship label 150   ex/ex
Manfred Manns Earth Band The Good Earth UK 1974 Bronze ILPS.9396 original, ins, uncut corner 150   nm/nm
Mayall John USA Union JP 1970 Polydor MP 2137 original, mono, obi, gf, textured cover 80   nm/nm
Mayall John
The Blues alone
Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (London), blues
sticker, gf, number 1431
McCartney Paul same UK 1970 Apple PCS 7102 original, gf, laminated cover 150   nm/ex
McCartney Paul and Linda RAM UK 1971 Apple PAS 10003 gf, laminated cover 50   nm/nm
Mogul Thrash same JP 1971 RCA SRA-5512 original, gf 160   nm/nm
Mops Iijanaika JP 1971 Liberty LTP-9025 original, obi, gf, ins, textured cover 750   nm/nm
Mops Exit JP 1974 Liberty, progressive LTP 85014 A1S B1S original, obi, ins 80   nm/nm
Mops Rock'N'Roll 70 JP 1970 Liberty, progressive LPC-8018 A,1S B,1S original, gf, obi, Pokora catalog 450   nm/nm
Mungo Jerry
In the Summertime
Pye, rock
C 92660 A1 B1
original, Ariola-Eurodisc, laminated cover
Nazareth Hair of the dog UK 1975 Mooncrest CREST 27 original, ins 100   ex/ex
Nazareth Loud'n'Proud JP 1973 Vertigo RJ-5121 original, obi 100   nm/nm
Nazareth same UK 1971 Mooncrest CREST 10   130   nm/nm
Nektar A Tab in the Ocean GER 1972 Bacillus Bellaphon BLPS 19118 original, gf 80   nm/nm
Neutrons Black Hole Star UK 1974 United Artists UAS 29652 original, ins 80   nm/ex
Neutrons The Tales from the Blue Cocoons UK 1975 United Artists UAG 29726 original, gf, laminated cover 150   nm/nm
Nice The Ars Longa vita Brevis UK 1968 Immediate IMSP 020 original, flippback, "sold in UK" 150   nm/nm
Nice, The
Charisma (red), sympho rock
CS 1A - 1U Porky CS 1B - 1U Pecko
Paladin Charge! UK 1972 Bronze ILPS 9190 original, gf 180   nm/ex
Parrish and Gurvitz same UK 1971 Regal Zonophone

SRZA 8506,

A-1, B-1

original, gf, textured cover 100   nm/ex
Paul McCartney & Wings Red Rose Speedway UK 1973 Apple PCTC 251 (OC 066 05311) original, gf, attached book 130   nm/nm
Pavlov's Dog At the Sound of the Bell JP 1976 CBS 25AP52 A-1 B-1 original, ins 40   nm/nm
Pink Fairies What a bunch of Sweeties UK 1972 Polydor 2383-132 original 130   nm/nm
Pink Floyd
The final cut
EMI Harvest
064 65 042 SHPF 1983 B2U A5U
original, gf, black ins
Pink Floyd
The dark Side of the Moon
EOP-80778 SHVL 804 A B
original, blue triangle, gf, obi, 2 posters, book, card (FULL complect)
Pink Floyd The piper at the gates of Dawn JP 1967 Odeon OP-80281 press of 1971, 2 obi, ins 550   m/m (collect condition)
Pink Floyd A nice Pair UK 1973 Harvest SHSP 4031 YAX 3419-1, YAX 3420-1. YAX 3633-1, YAX 3634-2 2LP, ins, gf 100   nm/ex
Pink Floyd The dark side of the Moon UK 1973 Harvest SHVL 804, A6, B4 gf, full complect 130   nm/nm
Pink Floyd Wish you were here UK 1975 Harvest (A-6, B-14) SHVL 814 ins 70   nm/nm
Procol Harum Quite rightly so JP 1968 Polydor SMP-1429 original, ins, Pokora catalog 200   nm/nm
Procol Harum Broken Barricades JP 1971 A&M AML 99 original, gf, ins 130   nm/nm
Procol Harum same JP 1967 Polydor SLPM-1396 original, ins, Pokora catalog 215   nm/ex
Procol Harum Live. In concert with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra UK 1972 Chrysalis CHR 1004 original, I-logo 50   nm/nm
Procol Harum (doubleback) Shine on brightly. Home UK 1972 TOOFA 10 TOOFA 10 original, 2 ins 60   nm/nm, nm
Quartermass same JP 1970 Odeon OP 80085 original, gf 150   nm/ex
Quicksilver Messenger Service Happy Trails JP 1968 Capitol, progressive CP 8721 original 100   nm/nm
Quiet World The Road JP 1970 Dawn YS-2568-YD gf, 2 page ins, promo copy 380   nm/nm
Quit Sun Mainstream JP 1975 Polydor MPF 1147 original, ins 80   nm/ex
Rare Bird As your Mind flies by UK 1970 Charisma (pink) CAS.1011 original, gf 200   nm/ex
Raw Material same ESP 1970 Wah Wah record, progressive LPS007 2001 press 65   nm/nm
Renaissance Illusion JP 1970 Island LS-80895 press of 1977, promo copy, white label, ins 180   nm/nm
Renaissance Illusion JP 1970 Island ILS-80895(HELP 27) ins 180   nm/nm
Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow same UK 1975 Polydor deluxe 2490 141 gf 50   nm/nm
Rolling Stones The Sticky Fingers JP 1971 Warner-Pioner P-8019S original, obi, zip sleeve, 2 ins 150   nm/nm
Rolling Stones The Black and Blue USA 1976 Rolling Stones Records COC 79104(ST-RS-763568) original, gf, ins 45   nm/nm
Rolling Stones The Exile on main St. JP 1972 Warner-Pioner P-5051/2S original, obi, 3 ins, postcard 200   nm/nm
Rolling Stones The
LAX-1012 SDLBT 750/751
press of 1976, book like ins, obi, gf
Rolling Stones The Beggars Banquet UK (export press for Japan) 1968 London PS.539 original, gf, 2 ins, flexi "45" disc 400   nm/ex
Rolling Stones The
Milestones Vol 15 Fra
Decca 278.038
XZAL 10.776/77
original, gf, laminated cover
Rolling Stones The The R.S. Golden album JP 1966 London SLH-53 original, gf, ins, 4 page ins, laminated cover, Pokora catalog 350   nm/nm
Rolling Stones The Your Poll Winners. The Rolling Stones Golden Album JP 1967 London SLC184 original, obi, sticker, book, Pokora catalog 140   nm/nm
Rolling Stones The It's only Rock'n'Roll UK 1974 Rolling Stones Records COC 59103 original, ins 60   nm/nm
Roxy Music
For your pleasure
Island, rock
ILS 80156 ILPS 9232-A 1S 9232-B 1S
original, gf, ins, promo copy, white label
Rumplestiltskin same USA 1970 Bell BELL 6047 original, cut corner 100   nm/nm
Santana Abraxas UK 1970 CBS 64087 original 40   nm/nm
Satisfaction same UK 1970 Decca SKL 5075 original, laminated front cover 180   nm/ex
Scorpions Lonesome crow JP 1973 Brain metronome UXP 703 EB original, obi, ins 100   nm/nm
Shocking Blue Blue Greatest Hits JP 1975 Polydor MP 2484 A B original, gf, obi, ins, textured cover 110   nm/nm
Shocking Blue
Scorpio's Dance
Metronom, rock
MLP 15377 A B
gf, super stereo sound, laminated cover
Shocking Blue The Best of JP 1978 Polydor MP 8661/2 original, 2 LP, obi 200   nm/nm
Shoking Blue The Inkpot JP 1972 Polydor MP 2262 original, obi, ins 160   nm/nm
Shoot On the Frontier UK 1973 EMI EMA 759 (OC 064 05349) original, gf, laminated cover 150   nm/nm
Sinatra Frank Strangers in the night USA 1966 Reprise F 1017 original 50   nm/nm
Sinfield Pete Still JP 1973 Manticore P-8382M original, obi, 2 page ins, textured cover 100   nm/nm
Smokey Pass it around UK 1975 RAK Records SRAK 510 (OC O62 96204) original, textured cover, ins 40   nm/ex
Snafu same UK 1973 WWA WWA 003 original, gf 130   nm/ex
Snafu Situation normal UK 1974 WWA WWA 013 DE LUXE original 100   nm/nm
Soft Machine Fourth UK 1971 CBS S 64280 original, textured cover 50   nm/ex
Soft Machine The same JP 1968 Probe IPP-80899 original, ins, promo copy, white label, Pokora catalog 200   nm/nm
Soft Machine The Volume two USA 1969 Probe CPLP 4505 original, gf 150   nm/nm
Sonny Boy Williamson&the Yardbirds same JP 1968 Philips SFL-7375 original, ins, Pokora catalog 180   nm/nm
Southern Comfort same JP 1971 Odeon EOP-80477 promo copy, white label, gf, textured cover, 2 page ins 160   nm/nm
Spedding Chris The only Lick I know UK 1972 Harvest SHSP 4017 original, laminated front cover, flippback 150   nm/ex
Speed, Glue&Shinki same JP 1972 Atlantic, progressive P-5044 A/45 A original, 2 ins, Pokora catalog 3000   nm/nm
Speed, Glue&Shinki Eve JP 1971 Atlantic, progressive P 8081 A 7 ins, Pokora catalog 1500   nm/nm
Spontaneous Combustion same JP 1972 Odeon EOP 80533 original, gf, promo copy, white label 200   nm/ex
Spontaneous combustion Triad USA 1972 Harvest SW-11095 original, ins, poster 150   nm/ex
Spooky Tooth It's all about JP 1968 Fontana FOX-7003 original, gf, textured cover 180   nm/ex
Spooky Tooth Spooky Two UK 1969 Island, progressive ILPS-3098 A B pink I, gf 100   nm/ex
Status Quo On the level UK 1975 Vertigo 9102 002 original, gf, ins, textured cover 30   nm/ex
1C 062-91908 A1, B-1
original, gf, laminated cover
Stewart Rod Gasoline Alley UK 1970 Vertigo (swirl) 6360 500 1Y1 2Y1 original, gf 130   ex/ex
Still Life same JP 1971 Vertigo (spaceship) RJ-7266 1977 press, ins 300   nm/nm
Stray Saturday morning Pictures GER 1972 Transatlantic TRA 248 original, gf 80   nm/nm
Sweet Level Headed UK 1978 Polydor Deluxe POLD 5001 original, gf, laminated cover 50   nm/nm
Swinging Blue Jeans Blue Jeans A'Swinging UK 1964 Master's Voice CLP 1802 original, laminated cover, flippback, sold in UK 150   ex/ex
Taste same UK 1969 Polydor 583 042 original, laminated cover 100   nm/nm
Taste On the Boards UK 1979 Polydor 583 083 original, textured cover 90   nm/nm
Ten Years After Positive vibrations UK 1974 Chrysalis CHR.1060 A-1U, B-1U original 50   ex/ex
Ten Years After A space in time JP 1971 Chrysalis CHR 1001 original, 2 obi, ins 130   nm/nm
Ten Years After Cricklewood Green UK 1970 Deram SML 1065 original, gf, poster 180   nm/nm
Ten Years After
Deram, hard blues
SML.1052 (XZAL.9083P) 3L 2L
original, gf, laminated cover
Ten Years after Watt JP 1971 Deram DL 25 original, obi, textured cover 180   nm/nm
Ten Years after Watt UK 1970 Deram SML 1078 original, gf, poster 180   nm/ex
Titus Groan same JP 1971 Dawn YS-2468-YD original, gf, laminated cover, 2 page ins, test press, obi 750   nm/nm
Tomorrow (ft.Keith West and Steve Howe) same JP 1968 EMI EMS-80741 press of 1976, obi, ins 110   nm/nm
Tony McPhee Two sides of Tony (T.S.) McPhee UK 1973 WWA Records WWA 001 original, rare ins 70   nm/nm
Traffic Shoot out at the fantasy Factory UK 1973 Island ILPS 9224 original, laminated 6 corner cover 80   nm/nm
UFO II JP 1971 Stateside SP-80333 (An Beacon Recording BEAS-19) original, ins 120   ex/ex
UFO I JP 1970 Stateside SP-80161 (An Beacon Recording BEAS -12) original, red wax, textured cover, ins 150   ex/ex
Unicorn Up Hill all the Way JP 1971 Transatlantic SWG-7532(TRA-238) original, gf, ins, promo copy, white label 200   nm/ex
United States of America The same USA 1968 Columbia CS 9614 original, outer bag, in shrink 200   nm/nm
Uriah Heep Return to Fantasy JP 1975 Bronze P 8580B original, sample copy, white label, g/f, obi, ins 130   nm/nm
Uriah Heep Abominog JP 1982 Bronze VIP 6827 promo copy, white label, ins, obi 150   nm/nm
Uriah Heep The Magician's Birthday JP 1972 Bronze YZ-1-BZ original, gf, obi, ins 150   nm/nm
Uriah Heep
Very 'Eavy, Very 'Umble
Bronze, progressive
YS-2724-BZ BZ 358-1 BZ 358-2
original, gf, obi, ins
Uriah Heep The Magician's Birthday DEN 1972 Island ILPS 9213 original, gf, ins 100   ex/ex
Uriah Heep Demons and Wizards JP 1972 Bronze YS-2737-BZ original, gf, 2 page ins 150   nm/nm
Uriah Heep Wonderworld JP 1974 Bronze YP-7067-BZ original, obi, 2 page ins 150   nm/nm
Uriah Heep Sweet Freedom JP 1973 Bronze YZ-46-BZ original, obi, 3 page ins, gf 150   nm/nm
Uriah Heep Very 'Eavy very 'Umble JP 1970 Bronze YS-2724-BZ original, obi, 2 page ins, gf, cover print in UK 150   nm/nm
Uriah Heep Wonderworld UK 1974 Bronze ILPS.9280 original, ins 70   nm/ex
Uriah Heep
original, gf, obi, 3ins, book
Uriah Heep Look at yourself JP 1971 Bronze YS-2649-BZ (BZ-358-5/6) original, ins, obi 100   nm/nm
Uriah Heep The magician's Birthday UK 1972 Bronze ILPS.9213 A1U B1U G.Kong original, gf, ins 150   nm/nm
Uriah Heep Salisbury JP 1972 Bronze


1-B-1, 1-B-3

original, gf, laminated cover, obi, ins, archive copy 140   nm/nm
Vanilla Fudge same JP 1967 Atlantic SMT-1039 original, obi, ins 150   nm/nm
Vinegar Joe Rock'n'Roll Gypsies UK 1972 Island LPS 9214 original, gf 150   nm/nm
Wakeman Rick
Journey to the centre of the Earth
A&M, progressive
AMLH 63621 A1 B1
original, book, gf
Who The Tommy JP 1969 Polydor MP9313/14 original,2LP, gf, 12 page book, obi 120   nm,nm/ex
Wigwam Nuclear Nightclub JP 1975 Virgin YX-7056-VR original, ins 100   nm/nm

The lucky golden Stripes and Starpose

UK 1976 Virgin V 2051 original, poster 130   nm/ex
Wizzard Wizzard Brew UK 1973 Harvest SHSP 4025 original, textured cover, ins 70   nm/nm
Yes Drama USA 1980 Atlantic SD 16019 original, ins, cover in schrink 45   nm/nm
Yes The Yes Album UK 1971 Atlantic 2400101 original, gf 50   ex/vg
Yes Tales from Topographic Oceans UK 1973 Atlantic K 80001 original, 2LP, gf 80   nm/nm
Yes same ESP 1969 Atlantic HATS 421-242 laminated cover, press of 1977 70   nm/nm


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